Do we need a Foundation to be designed by a Structural Consultant?
-Yes! Only a structural consultant can design a foundation that can minimize
the potential for movement due to the soils/strata.

We are planning to design a Steel Structure, can you help us?
-You have come to the right place! Actually it is our forte and we specialize in it.

Can you design the slab framing, columns and beams and provide plans and details?

We are buying / selling or refinancing a structure but the authority says I need a Structural Consultant; can you do a Structural Audit of the structure?
-Yes, we'd be happy to do it.

We want to build a bridge, water reservoir, retaining wall; do I need a Structural Consultant?
-For any Structure that is exposed to live/dead and other loads, you need a Structural Consultant. It is also mandatory by almost all the Development Regulation Authorities to submit a development proposal with Structural Consultant's Authorization.

Can you help me with the Sanction Process?
-Sorry, we only provide you with the necessary Structural Consultancy documents required to get sanction. But we might recommend you to someone who may help you through the development sanction application process.

Where can I find the Scope Document and List of Projects?
-We have made everything that you will need available for Download in the 'Interactive' section.

Can we have your consultation for an existing plan/drawing/report?
-You surely can. You will need to take prior appointment of the Consultant for discussing your concerns and such consultation would be chargeable on hourly basis. Please get in touch with our CRM executive or Register your request by clicking on 'Request Appointment' and you will hear from us.

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