"Structure the Identity to Endure the Relation"

It is not just the Structure that we Design or Analyze, but as our mission statement goes, we are keen on building, developing and strengthening every relation that we form with our patrons as well as stakeholders to last for the life. However philosophical it may sound, relation spell evolution for us and we believe in building the bonds of steel that we otherwise use for reinforcement. At DCIPL, it's a concrete strategy to reinforce associations!

To make our vision a reality, it is the primary responsibility of the firm's principal to direct operations, project management, and client relations with each project being managed and designed by a qualified project engineer with competent AutoCAD support. It is the firm's policy that the principal be thoroughly involved with each project from inception to completion to ensure that the client remains our central focus through proper quality control of our product and co-ordination between the other design professionals and contractors. Guided by our vision, we are committed to providing client satisfaction through long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.

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