Singular Solution to a Multitude of Problems…

Having a team of young and enthusiastic engineers with excellent academic record and openness with fervor for exploring and adopting state-of-the-art technology tools and experienced professional associates and Consultants, gives DCIPL an edge over the orthodox competition. The broader vision and a strong will to offer a comprehensive solution to client requirements guided DCIPL to venture into

  • Structural Designs of the Architectural Concept
  • Steel Structure Designs with Fabrication Drawings
  • Structural Audit of Structures and Infrastructure
  • Master planning, Space planning and Architectural Design
  • Valuation of Real Assets
  • All Pre Tendering Activities of civil works
  • Estimates & BOQ’s of all civil works
  • Fit-out and Facility Design
  • All Structural Allied Services
  • Root cause Analysis

These are the current services DCIPL offers. There are many more to come as the portfolio keeps growing with widening horizons and cooperative philosophy of Calvin Coolidge ‘ We not only use all the brain we have, we use all the brains we can borrow…! ‘

Softwares Used

We are among the only consultants equipped and trained in the use of first generation software design, detailing & drawings, BOQ & BBS. Output from our structural models can be exported to BIM.